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Chairman's Message

The Planet Education Institute (TPEI) I welcome to the students of learners at THE PLANET EDUCATION INSTITUTE Paonta sahib, which is established with a vision - To educate you, not just to certify you. THE PLANET EDUCATION INSTITUTE is intended to give you necessary training and guidance in your search for various Computer Science, Information Technology, Accounts, Finance, Internet and Networking courses for gaining lucrative employment in this highly competitive world. THE PLANET EDUCATION INSTITUTE has been established to impart quality computer education and best practical knowledge to its students and help them to build up their career and serve the Nation and also earn their livelihood.

Our faculties have been carefully chosen and students will learn from qualified faculty who bring rich talents, backgrounds, and professionals experiences in computer era.

Moreover, if some people can learn computer than why not all. It is not mandatory that you start only for a long term career course but you can start with just a small course and upgrade yourself at optimum level as and when you needed.

I'm sure that the excellent technical academic environment will also help you in developing your personality in all sphere of life. I am confident that pursuing education through THE PLANET EDUCATION INSTITUTE will be one of the most exciting and rewarding personal experiences of your life. Now, it's time to be a part of THE PLANET family.

With best wishes.

Anil Sharma

Chairman / Directors

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